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Why “Artius”? We are ready to answer this question in all its meanings: and why it is worth choosing “Artius”, and why our association received such a name.

Legal services are not uncommon – this is true, but can we say the same about high-quality legal services? We have been in the market for more than 10 years and during this time both the market and legislation, as well as our experience and attitude to business have changed. Our work has grown from the concept of services and has turned into legal assistance, legal defense and legal support – after all, we began to perceive the protection of your rights more personally, and treat government agencies more critically.

“Artius” is translated from lat. “Art” is art, “ius” is law. Our slogan is the art of protect. And we really turn legal defense into art. We know our and your rights, we know what to answer to inspectors, how to convince a judge and how to win a tender. We just do what we can do best!

Our main value — these are our employees and customers, therefore the principles of AL "Artius" are as follows:
Punctuality Terms that are negotiated with customers, adhere with impeccable precision.
Passion We love what we do, and this confirms a positive result.
Personal approach Experience suggests that a template approach is impossible in working with clients, since each problem and its solution is unique.
Result You come to us with certain expectations - we are working hard to make them come true.
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Attorneys Association “ARTIUS”

There is always a place of risk in life. In some situations, it is justified and even noble, but in legal matters the risk is undesirable. The slightest miscalculation, ignorance of the law, lack of law cases can lead to dangerous consequences.

At ARTIUS, we have learned from our personal experience the above. It is painful to look at a person who has lost all his or her property through simple negligence. It is unfortunate for those who became deceived by an illiterate act. We help to solve problems, even when it seems like there’s nothing to solve. But these problems can be avoided. Do not delay the problem – act immediately.

ARTIUS Law Firm is a team of professionals. We will prevent potential risks, protect your business, family, budget and emotional equilibrium.

Alone in a field is a warrior?

Not every business can afford a full-time lawyer. But even if it allows, not every lawyer can handle the workload and specific tasks. One person may not know all the nuances of business, labor, constitutional, financial, civil or criminal law. Some people can’t, and a law firm can.

Our team brings together highly specialized specialists, which means that any business is doomed to success. We conduct a thorough analysis of the case, prepare strategies and arguments that cannot be undermined. As a result, you pay for one lawyer and get the help of all the ARTIUS professionals.

We are chosen for:

  • Professionalism. All lawyers of our law firm have fundamental training in various fields of law and are ready to defend your interests in any state instances.
  • Collegiality. All the tasks we solve are complex. This approach increases the chances of a positive outcome.
  • Non-standard solution of the tasks. All ARTIUS attorneys have extensive experience in complex, confusing situations. We are constantly monitoring the changes of legal acts and practices of legal aid, so we develop unique, win – win strategies.
  • Sequence. We warn of potential risks and difficulties. We coordinate the solutions and we follow them exactly.
  • Wide range of services. ARTIUS solves the issues of family, business, land, labor, customs, inheritance law. We help to accompany the agreements, we represent the client’s interest in court and in negotiations.

The cost of the services of ARTIUS Law Firm depends on the complexity of the problem. Call for a free consultation and answers to all your questions.

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