Artius will protect real estate and land property

Construction and land law is one of the most complex legal sectors. Many construction projects in Kiev were never put into operation due to serious problems with documentation and legal violations. To protect your business or private property in Ukraine, you need to enlist the help of lawyers, since even the slightest mistake can lead to the loss of property or cash.

ARTIUS is a reliable lawyer support. We offer legal support for transactions related to land law or construction. Our team consists of experts who value your time, save your money and solve any, even complex, complicated situations.

  • conducting legal expertise / analysis of the land plot under construction as an independent object of land law, providing advice / legal support regarding the registration of real rights to the land plot;
  • legal analysis of the planned construction: providing consultations on possible ways of realization of construction projects, development of schemes of implementation of plans of investors and development of legal mechanisms for their partnerships (providing legal options of cooperation for participation in construction);
  • participation in negotiation processes, taking into account the interests of each participant in the construction process;
  • legal support for obtaining permits for construction;
  • legal analysis of the schemes of alienation of real estate objects in order to ensure the interests of the customers of the construction, optimization of taxation;
  • full legal support of the construction process: contract work, resolution of any legal issues during the implementation of the construction project, the development of contract / subcontracts, civil contracts, general contracts and mixed contracts, support and analysis of the results of the work performed;
  • claim work, mediation, litigation in the field of construction;
  • development of mechanisms of attraction of financial sources from the population for the purpose of construction of residential real estate;
  • development of appropriate contracts and other documents necessary for the implementation of such construction process; organization of creation of condominiums, preparation of necessary documents for its activity;
  • providing advice and clarification on how to pay the unit installments during construction.
  • providing legal advice in the construction field (redevelopment, repair, reconstruction, new construction);
  • contract work: development of contracts in the field of construction both from the client / builder and the general contractor / contractor / subcontractor;
  • legal analysis of existing contractual relationships, identifying risks and providing legal ways to prevent them;
  • legal support of the activity of construction companies, provision of a full segment of legal services in this field;
  • representation of interests of construction companies before control and law enforcement agencies, protection of rights and interests in courts;
  • implementation of "anti-raiding" measures at the construction stage.
  • conducting legal audit (Due Diligence) of real estate, analysis of the legality of their acquisition, alienation;
  • development of legal mechanisms for the protection of property rights to real estate;
  • appeal against decisions, actions or omissions of state registrars in administrative and judicial order;
  • legal support of any transactions concerning the alienation of real estate;
  • providing legal mechanisms for using real estate assets to obtain investment assets, corporate rights or obtain other benefits.
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Feedback from our customers
Olexandr Lyalko,
Director of TH "Azaris"

We have been working with “Artius” lawyers for more than 4 years. We know that they are perfectly oriented in critical situations, able to offer quick solutions to problems, know how to behave with government official (what was very useful). These attorneys are ready to work 24/7 if necessary. Reliability and humanity – what we value our cooperation for. Hope for further successful partnership!

Mychaylo Biloborodyy,
Director of security company "Orlan"

We have worked with advocates of Attorney Association “Artius” (earlier – “World of Legal Services”) right out of the gate because we use permanent service. And we are satisfied with their work. Tax inspections, resolution of contract disputes, defusing conflicts with customers – we would spend much more time dealing with these legal issues. But fortunately, we have our “own” law firm.

Alexander Mandryk,
First vice-president of The Sport Committee of Ukraine

The staff of “World of Legal Services” has provided us sports law services for several years. Contracts with athletes and staff, organization and support of sports events, various tasks during activities of the Committee – overall, we use a complete legal service. It`s great to work with professionals, because you know that any legal problem will not come out of the blue. By the way, we want to congratulate “Artius” team on rebranding! We wish Attorney Association “Artius” successful development, sports excitement and, of course, wins!

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Assistance of ARTIUS lawyer in land matters

Land disputes are a frequent occurrence. And although the legislation of Ukraine protects owners, the latter often do not know their rights, and therefore lose the hearing. Legal support of real estate transactions will protect against loss of property or money. We repeatedly encounter such situations, and therefore recommend that you seek the support of a professional.

ARTIUS provides legal support for real estate at various stages of the project:

  • Initial. We undertake the preparation of permits, draw up contracts and acts.
  • During construction. We regulate the complex relationship between contractors and suppliers of materials.
  • The final one. We help with the commissioning and registration of property rights. A land law lawyer monitors the transaction at all stages.

When is legal support of real estate necessary?

A lawyer for construction and land issues in Kiev can be connected at any time, but the sooner you use his services, the faster the completion of the case and the less costly it will turn out. Legal support of real estate transactions will help to avoid many problems.

It’s never too late to take the support of professionals. A lawyer in land law will join the case at any stage and solve any construction issues. Call us!

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