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Attorneys Association "Artius" provides the following public procurement services:

  • public procurement consulting, including public clients;
  • conducting the tender from the beginning of the procedure until the contract is awarded;
  • bidding documentation preparation (annual plan, announcements, reports, proposals, individual anti-corruption programs);
  • tendering in ProZorro system;
  • procurement procedures audit in preparation for the verification of regulatory bodies;
  • representation of the client in the authorized body (the Ministry of Economy, the Antimonopoly Committee) and litigation;
  • conducting trainings for public procurement.

You want to sell a quality product more profitable. Better yet, find new customers and conclude a supply contract. How to do it? Take part in tenders. Today, tenders are an effective tool to expand the market and generate revenue. If the auctioner is the winner of the highest bid, then the tender is the one who voiced the best offer.

But practice shows that one advantageous offer is not enough. An important condition is the availability of a properly executed package of documents and compliance with all legal standards. Lawyers of the ARTIUS company have extensive experience in participating in tenders, therefore they will not only collect documents, but also protect against illegal claims and violations of your rights.

Tender support of "ARTIUS" is relevant for those who:
  • never participated in tenders;
  • has little experience and does not want to take risks;
  • wants to win in a responsible tender.

We will help you win the tender on fair, legal grounds, so that you can further develop your business and increase profits. Depending on the tasks assigned to us, we provide services both on individual issues and on a turnkey basis. Such full tender support includes the solution of all issues: from a thorough search of the customer to the conclusion of the most profitable contract.


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Feedback from our customers
Olexandr Lyalko,
Director of TH "Azaris"

We have been working with “Artius” lawyers for more than 4 years. We know that they are perfectly oriented in critical situations, able to offer quick solutions to problems, know how to behave with government official (what was very useful). These attorneys are ready to work 24/7 if necessary. Reliability and humanity – what we value our cooperation for. Hope for further successful partnership!

Mychaylo Biloborodyy,
Director of security company "Orlan"

We have worked with advocates of Attorney Association “Artius” (earlier – “World of Legal Services”) right out of the gate because we use permanent service. And we are satisfied with their work. Tax inspections, resolution of contract disputes, defusing conflicts with customers – we would spend much more time dealing with these legal issues. But fortunately, we have our “own” law firm.

Alexander Mandryk,
First vice-president of The Sport Committee of Ukraine

The staff of “World of Legal Services” has provided us sports law services for several years. Contracts with athletes and staff, organization and support of sports events, various tasks during activities of the Committee – overall, we use a complete legal service. It`s great to work with professionals, because you know that any legal problem will not come out of the blue. By the way, we want to congratulate “Artius” team on rebranding! We wish Attorney Association “Artius” successful development, sports excitement and, of course, wins!

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Tender support: what to expect?

We cannot influence the results of the tender – they completely depend on the preferences of the customer. But we can make sure that the package of your documents is in perfect condition, and this is the decisive fact when concluding a transaction.

Tender support from the ARTIUS company includes:

  • careful monitoring of customers for the most beneficial cooperation;
  • collection and preparation of documents required for participation in the auction;
  • round-the-clock legal support, answers to all questions;
  • representation and protection of interests in the bidding process;
  • legal support after completion of the transaction.

In the process of preparing for the tender and throughout the work, it is important to carefully fill out documents and correctly execute applications. The ARTIUS team is ready to take on the solution of these issues. We offer full support and perform specific tasks: checking documents or filling out an application.

What are the benefits of tendering?

A tender is not only a field for exploring the market and new partners. First of all, this is a great opportunity to choose high-quality goods or services at the lowest price or to find customers for marketing their products. In addition, participation in tenders significantly increases the reputation of the company, because its managers are ready to provide detailed information about the activities of the enterprise and are willing to engage in dialogue.

Tender Specialist or ARTIUS Attorney?

If an organization rarely participates in tenders, there is no point in hiring a specialist in tenders or creating an entire tender department. The help of an ARTIUS lawyer will cost you much cheaper than the salary of a full-time employee, despite the fact that he will take on all the main work and you will have more time to conduct your business. Contact our employee right now to schedule an appointment.

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