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Use the services of lawyers “ARTIUS”:
  • advising athletes, coaches, agents, sports organizations on issues of sports law;
  • advice on issues related to the use of prohibited substances (doping control);
  • legal assistance to sports clubs and sports schools;
  • registration of a sports organization, preparation of statutory and local documents (regulations, provisions, contracts, orders, etc.);
  • bringing the charters of sports organizations and associations in accordance with applicable law;
  • preparation and analysis of labor, agency and other contracts;
  • development of individual agreements, sports contract between the athlete and the club (federation), settlement of contradictions when concluding the contract;
  • legal support for organization and conduct of sport events;
  • advice on protecting various commercial rights in sports;
  • legal sponsorship support in the field of sports, development of sponsorship agreements;
  • representation of interests in courts, arbitration sports colleges and in the bodies of sports federations in disputes related to sports;
  • dispute resolution between clubs and players, mediation;
  • protection of the interests of athletes and coaches, other sports workers in labor disputes (compensation, employment, insurance payments).

It is a sport for pleasure or health, and sometimes - for his career. In professional sports, everything is different: there can not do without conflict situations, disputes, contracts and tax issues. Everything is complicated by the fact that in our country there is no regulatory and legal framework that would regulate relations in the sports sector. Sometimes, just one legal error causes disagreements that impede the further work of an athlete or team. And here you can not do without a specialist.

“ARTIUS” sports lawyer is a guarantee of protecting your rights as an athlete, coach or sponsor. We will help to resolve any, even international conflict, draw up a profitable commercial contract and also answer all your questions. One of the important areas of our activity is the representation of an athlete in doping procedures when he is accused of violating anti-doping rights. A sports lawyer will appeal the allegations and restore the athlete’s reputation.

The ARTIUS law team consists of specialists in various fields of law: labor, tax, administrative, commercial, judicial, etc., which gives us the opportunity to resolve sports conflicts in your favor.

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Feedback from our customers
Olexandr Lyalko,
Director of TH "Azaris"

We have been working with “Artius” lawyers for more than 4 years. We know that they are perfectly oriented in critical situations, able to offer quick solutions to problems, know how to behave with government official (what was very useful). These attorneys are ready to work 24/7 if necessary. Reliability and humanity – what we value our cooperation for. Hope for further successful partnership!

Mychaylo Biloborodyy,
Director of security company "Orlan"

We have worked with advocates of Attorney Association “Artius” (earlier – “World of Legal Services”) right out of the gate because we use permanent service. And we are satisfied with their work. Tax inspections, resolution of contract disputes, defusing conflicts with customers – we would spend much more time dealing with these legal issues. But fortunately, we have our “own” law firm.

Alexander Mandryk,
First vice-president of The Sport Committee of Ukraine

The staff of “World of Legal Services” has provided us sports law services for several years. Contracts with athletes and staff, organization and support of sports events, various tasks during activities of the Committee – overall, we use a complete legal service. It`s great to work with professionals, because you know that any legal problem will not come out of the blue. By the way, we want to congratulate “Artius” team on rebranding! We wish Attorney Association “Artius” successful development, sports excitement and, of course, wins!

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What is a sports lawyer responsible for?

Is sport a profession for you? Then you probably know what problems you have to deal with while working in this area: conflict situations, contract failure, forfeit and fines. All this creates unnecessary emotional stress and financial difficulties.

The sports lawyer “ARTIUS” is needed just in order to resolve the controversial situation with minimal consequences for your side. He participates in the drafting of contracts, regulations and provisions, is present in negotiations with insurance companies in the event of a player being injured, and also filed a lawsuit in court. We will free you from bureaucratic red tape, obscure terms and deadlocks, so that you continue to do the work of your life.

You can rely on ARTIUS sports lawyer in the following matters:

  • Transfer a player from one team to another.
  • Drawing up contracts with Ukrainian or foreign clubs, organizations.
  • Drafting contracts with advertising companies and sponsors.
  • Settlement of litigation between the leadership of sports federations and clubs.
  • Support of commercial projects in the field of sports.
  • Protection of interests in court.
  • Termination of contracts.

Employment contract in sports

Relations in professional sports are always regulated by an employment contract. But compiling it yourself, or, even worse, downloading a sample from the Internet, will be a big mistake, the consequences of which are always sad. For example, an athlete is injured, injured, or an occupational disease. If the terms of the contract are not formulated correctly, the athlete may not receive the full amount of insurance payment, and at the club’s initiative, the contract with him will be terminated. Protecting yourself is simple – entrust the preparation of the contract to a sports lawyer.

And if the conflict cannot be settled on its own? The sports lawyer “ARTIUS” is ready to protect your rights and take measures for a peaceful resolution of a controversial issue. The result is not always positive, so in some cases the lawyer decides to go to court.

Call now. Our assistant will select for you a convenient time for consultation, at which a sports lawyer will answer all your questions.

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