There are situations when there is not enough of one thing: mind or strength.
That is why the Artius Law Firm offers you a unique "Security Shield" service - a simultaneous and round-the-clock qualified assistance by both a lawyer and professional security.

А lawyer's advice is very often a decisive factor in resolving a conflict or problematic situation. How quickly it will be granted depends on the protection of business, life and property. In order for this protection to be carried out as efficiently as possible, a professional security team will come to you within minutes, which will ensure your security before the lawyer arrives.

Security Shield is a unique protection of the clients of AA "Artius", which provides round-the-clock personal protection and legal support of your business from:

  • Threats to life and illegal detention.
  • Damage or destruction of property.
  • Attempts to aggressively absorb business.
  • Illegal searches and seizures in the office or apartment.
  • Unlawful inspections by regulatory authorities.
  • Unforeseen risks and negative consequences.
  • Unlawful actions on the part of law enforcement officers.

What are the benefits?

Lawyers are not RRG and may not always be able to resist unlawful acts on clients.

To ensure the efficiency of your security, professional security officers will come to the address, locate threats, maintain order, protect you and your property, until a lawyer arrives to resolve the situation legally. The lawyer of AA "Artius" will help to navigate the situation, provide advice on any legal issue and protect legitimate interests.

The Security Shield is not only legal and moral support, but also physical protection, if necessary.

With us you will be protected, both legally and physically!

How to use this service?

To order a service, you need to decide which option is best for you:

  • Security of office or apartment using security alarm
  • To use the Personal Security service from security company
  • Use the Personal GPS Tracker service

The difference between these options lies at the very core of the emergency response team and the lawyer.

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Office/apartment security + Lawyer
from 1000 UAH/month.
  • Support 24/7.
  • Modern equipment Ajax.
  • Call an attorney and guard by pressing the "alarm call" button.
The package includes::
2 visit RRG up to 30 min
2 calls to a lawyer up to 30 minutes.

Separately paid:
Departure of the lawyer - 2500 UAH/h.
Departure of the RRG - 1000 UAH/h.
Ajax set - 5699 UAH.

Personal security + Lawyer
1000 UAH/month
  • Support 24/7.
  • Confidentiality.
  • The lawyer and security call is made by calling the VIP center.
The package includes::
1 visit RRG up to 30 min
1 call to a lawyer up to 30 minutes.

Separately paid:
Departure of the lawyer - 2500 UAH/h.
Departure of the RRG - 1000 UAH/h.

GPS Tracker + Lawyer
1000 UAH/month.
  • Support 24/7.
  • The speed of the call.
  • Alarm and location transmission with GPS tracker.
Separately paid:
Departure of the lawyer - 2500 UAH/h.
Departure of the RRG - 1000 UAH/h.
GPS Tracker - 4800 UAH.

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Feedback from our customers
Olexandr Lyalko,
Director of TH "Azaris"

We have been working with “Artius” lawyers for more than 4 years. We know that they are perfectly oriented in critical situations, able to offer quick solutions to problems, know how to behave with government official (what was very useful). These attorneys are ready to work 24/7 if necessary. Reliability and humanity – what we value our cooperation for. Hope for further successful partnership!

Mychaylo Biloborodyy,
Director of security company "Orlan"

We have worked with advocates of Attorney Association “Artius” (earlier – “World of Legal Services”) right out of the gate because we use permanent service. And we are satisfied with their work. Tax inspections, resolution of contract disputes, defusing conflicts with customers – we would spend much more time dealing with these legal issues. But fortunately, we have our “own” law firm.

Alexander Mandryk,
First vice-president of The Sport Committee of Ukraine

The staff of “World of Legal Services” has provided us sports law services for several years. Contracts with athletes and staff, organization and support of sports events, various tasks during activities of the Committee – overall, we use a complete legal service. It`s great to work with professionals, because you know that any legal problem will not come out of the blue. By the way, we want to congratulate “Artius” team on rebranding! We wish Attorney Association “Artius” successful development, sports excitement and, of course, wins!

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SECURITY SHIELD: what are the benefits?

An express lawyer immediately arrives at the scene. This gives him the opportunity to follow in hot pursuit, thus speeding up the solution to the problem. It was verified that the full support of a lawyer protects the client from violations during the collection of evidence. The lawyer correctly assesses the situation, builds the correct position of defense, gives advice in making decisions and subsequent actions. The lawyer “Artius” has no time limits – we work with you 24 hours 7 days a week.

We provide express protection in cases if:

  • Law enforcement detained you.
  • Search actions carry out operational in your house, office, warehouse.
  • You got into an accident.
  • It is urgent to prepare procedural documents.
  • You are participating in the negotiations.
  • Business protection needed.
  • In other situations requiring prompt legal intervention.

Artius also provides physical protection. In critical situations and gross violations of your rights, our lawyer will come to the place with a security company. Their help may also be needed in transactions, illegal searches, attempted murders or property.

ARTIUS Business Protection

In order to protect your business from illegal actions of state bodies, you need to take care of the timely presence of a lawyer. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve strict observance of the letter of the law, your rights, procedural rules, etc. The service of the express lawyer from “Artius” suggests that the specialist will be on duty for the time agreed with the client, in order, if necessary, to provide emergency legal assistance. He will accompany you from the first minute, answering your questions and giving clear instructions for action.

A person can be confused, especially if there is a lot of pressure from him, therefore, the presence of a lawyer in emergency situations plays a huge, at least psychological, role. In the presence of a lawyer, none of the employees of law enforcement or government agencies will not commit a blatant violation of the law, since everything will be immediately recorded. Urgent departure of a lawyer is always a positive effect. You can see for yourself. Contact us now for answers to your questions.

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