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“ARTIUS” employs professionals who account for the solution of complex tax disputes and crimes. We understand how business owners feel when they see arbitrariness on the part of fiscal authorities, and we want to protect you from their incompetence. The tax lawyer “ARTIUS” will competently and quickly assess the situation and choose the most favorable legal position for your business. Our goal is not to prove someone is right. Our goal is to save your income.

The tax code of our country spells out the main reasons for the abolition of tax liability. But to establish and fix these violations can only be a specialist. Without his help, as a rule, claims of tax authorities are uploaded by an administrative offense. Just one consultation of the tax lawyer “ARTIUS” will help to avoid many problems.

As part of the company's tax practice lawyers provide the following services:

  • registration of enterprises and their further legal support on tax issues;
  • tax advice and counseling;
  • tax audit;
  • obtaining VAT status;
  • obtaining the status of a single tax payer;
  • protection of business during tax inspections;
  • "tax attorney" - tax dispute resolution:

- advising on the lawfulness of the grounds for tax audits, assisting in preparing documents;

objections to tax audit reports;

- challenging the tax audit-related decisions, acts or omissions of controlling authorities;

- legal support in criminal proceedings (in particular, tax evasion).

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Feedback from our customers
Olexandr Lyalko,
Director of TH "Azaris"

We have been working with “Artius” lawyers for more than 4 years. We know that they are perfectly oriented in critical situations, able to offer quick solutions to problems, know how to behave with government official (what was very useful). These attorneys are ready to work 24/7 if necessary. Reliability and humanity – what we value our cooperation for. Hope for further successful partnership!

Mychaylo Biloborodyy,
Director of security company "Orlan"

We have worked with advocates of Attorney Association “Artius” (earlier – “World of Legal Services”) right out of the gate because we use permanent service. And we are satisfied with their work. Tax inspections, resolution of contract disputes, defusing conflicts with customers – we would spend much more time dealing with these legal issues. But fortunately, we have our “own” law firm.

Alexander Mandryk,
First vice-president of The Sport Committee of Ukraine

The staff of “World of Legal Services” has provided us sports law services for several years. Contracts with athletes and staff, organization and support of sports events, various tasks during activities of the Committee – overall, we use a complete legal service. It`s great to work with professionals, because you know that any legal problem will not come out of the blue. By the way, we want to congratulate “Artius” team on rebranding! We wish Attorney Association “Artius” successful development, sports excitement and, of course, wins!

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Tax lawyer Artius – the foundation of your business

The first problem of any business is the tax office. Entrepreneurs are waiting with horror for its checks, hoping that by some miracle they will blow. But, as a rule, a miracle does not happen, and inspections end with the compilation of far-fetched, illegal violations that oblige the entrepreneur to pay huge fines. The only way to save business and income is to use the services of a tax attorney “ARTIUS”.

We help in the early stages of the formation of the enterprise, conduct consultations and tax audits, protect the business during inspections and appeal against illegal tax acts in court. Cooperation with us is cooperation with a team of specialists in various fields of law, which only contributes to a positive outcome. For example, if the amount of taxes provides for criminal liability, you do not have to spend time looking for a lawyer – our criminal lawyers will immediately join the case.

Tax lawyer “ARTIUS” is ready to help:

  • For taxation and documentation.
  • Upon receipt of a VAT payer status.
  • When appealing tax acts.
  • When audited by the tax office.
  • In the preparation of statements, complaints against government officials.
  • In the preparation of lawsuits and complaints to the prosecution authorities.

Of course, it is better to prevent the problem than to appeal, so we recommend that you contact a tax attorney before meeting with the tax service in person.

ARTIUS Tax Lawyer: 5 Strengths

  1. Professionalism. Long-term practice and knowledge of procedural subtleties – all this helps us to solve difficult, at first glance, hopeless situations.
  2. Performance. The lawyer begins each new business with one and the same thing – strategy. Thought out to the smallest detail, it is a guarantee of a positive result.
  3. Efficiency. Our specialist quickly joins the work, because very little time is often given to appeal against acts of the tax service.
  4. Availability. A tax attorney is available to you around the clock. He is always ready to answer your questions and provide assistance in emergency situations.
  5. Complexity. ARTIUS consists of professionals in various fields of law. The presence of such a team allows us to solve complex cases requiring the cooperation of several specialists.

With a tax attorney “ARTIUS” you will no longer be afraid of audits of fiscal services. And your honestly earned money will remain where it belongs to your wallet.

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