Pro Bono

In recent years Ukrainian society has made a step forward in its development. And it was a significant step, particularly in vector of social support. Previously it was assumed that the state had responsibility for everything. But the reality is another: if you need developments, you should implement them by yourself. That’s why “Artius” lawyers implement the project “Pro Bono”.

Pro Bono is a latin phrase that means professional work provided on a voluntary basis, free of charge, as a public activity.

Most often this concept is used in the legal field – as a professional legal aid to individuals (pensioners, low-income citizens) and organizations (charitable and public) that do not have an ability to pay for legal services.

“Artius” team has provided Pro Bono support for a long time. And our clients aren`t always vulnerable, sometimes we do Pro Bono as the case may be, for example counseling boarding services or hospitals. But right now we feel the need to allocate a separate project. Not in vain our slogan is “art of protect”. So we took the direction to build a stable system of legal protection of citizens.

The experience providing Pro Bono services is the following:

  • Continuous working relationship with the Sport Committee of Ukraine. Attorneys Association “Artius” helps individual athletes and sports clubs in resolving legal issues, often like registration of sports organizations, preparation of contracts and sponsorship agreements, mediation. Organization of sports events is the most exciting.
  • Legal support of All-Ukrainian public organization “All-Ukrainian Council of resuscitation and emergency medical care” (UCR). UCR – NGO, which aims to provide effective methods of health care during disasters and mass traumas. UCR is the official representative of NAEMT ТССС in Ukraine and holds licensing courses of assisting in terms of fighting for the Ukrainian military. The team of instructors is constantly involved in training units of the Armed Forces and National police, working in voluntary health units in ATO area, represents Ukraine in international competitions.
    Thus, in September 2015 the Ukrainian Council of resuscitation team won the III place in the first international competition of TCCC, held in Spain. A year earlier, in August 2014 Attorneys Association “Artius” supported UCR in publication of a methodological guide “Pre-medical assistance in terms of fighting.” In general, we try to cover all legal issues of this organization.
  • Regular free consultations, including, but not limited to such practices: family issues, public procurement and tax disputes. “Artius” lawyers are actively engaged in the development of relevant laws. We also want to work with the younger generation of lawyers, conducting training programs. Occasionally “Artius” experts appear on air on Radio “Golos Kyeva” (Voice of Kyiv), covering topics of consumer protection.
  • July 4, 2015 “Artius” team spends a day providing free legal aid to all comers in the First Ukrainian Legal Festival «Ukrainian Legal Fest» on the St. Michael’s Square. Our “clients” are those who seek to lawyers due to lack of funds and people who have a psychological barrier in dealing with “serious lawyers in suits.”
    Chatting with our visitor’s outdoor was a real pleasure. People were interested in different issues of land, inheritance, housing and criminal law. The festival was organized by the All-Ukrainian Integration Movement “Believe in Ukraine.” By the way, most of our clients knew almost nothing in the legal intricacies of their problems. Especially our attorneys were impressed by the repeated sounding of such phrases in various formulations “I have lost the case in all instances, but I`ve got a point there, what should I do?”.

So, we took a key course to increase the legal culture of citizens. We want people to apply to lawyers not in the eleventh hour and not be afraid of them. Through Pro Bono we implement our mission.

If you are a charitable, non-governmental, another non-profit organization or you just need legal assistance, please contact us at tel.: +38 (066) 994 33 22 or e-mail: