Lemonade Day in "Artius", ProBono, Lemonade Day, Artius, Lemonade, charityWe are confident that helping children is a great way to bring our mission to life. Therefore, August 4, 2016 Attorneys Association “Artius” joined the nationwide charity campaign “Lemonade Day” organized by fund “Tabletochki.” All day long we treated colleagues and friends to delicious cool lemonade. Instead, they gave some money for charity.

Lemonade Day in "Artius", ProBono, Lemonade Day, ArtiusThe format of event was simple: we organized the “Lemonade zone”, where anyone could taste lemonade of own production and sweets. Each “Artius” office visitor could taste the soft drink and make contribution for a charitable cause as a thank for the treat. Drinks were prepared by lawyers and attorneys, so each recipe was unique. Depending on the creator`s fantasy such ingredients were added into lemonade: lemons, oranges, peaches, mint, ginger, and of course ice.
Lemonade Day in "Artius", ProBono, Lemonade Day, Artius, Lemonade

Notably, everyone liked the idea very much. We were visited by friends from neighboring offices who tasted lemonade, candies with wishes and were happy as children. “Artius” team also was excited with the idea of charity as a holiday, because sad stories and charity boxes in subway had tired everyone a lot. But goodies, balloons, celebration, which give positive emotions – is something anyone wants to become a part of. In addition, the lemonade really symbolizes summer and holidays, improving the mood instantly. Next year “Artius” will definitely participate in “Lemonade Day” again, because we try to hold such charitable initiatives in our office at least once a year.

Lemonade Day in "Artius", ProBono, Lemonade Day, Artius, Lemonade, charity, Artius team, lawyers, law firm Kiev, law firm Kyiv