Nice to receive the grateful feedback from our clients. Even if they are serviced free of charge (Pro Bono).

Recently we received a commendation from the organization of medical sphere – Kamyshivka neuropsychiatric boarding. Its team thanks “Artius” public procurement department for help and free consultations (Pro Bono) that was received in a moment of acute need.

«Kamyshivka neuropsychiatric boarding`s administration expresses its deep appreciation and sincere gratitude for your advice on public procurement. We would like to note that your help was very necessary and useful…» – deputy director of the Boarding Vetoha T.A.

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Pro Bono: why do we do this?

We work with a Boarding under Pro Bono that means that all our advice are free of charge. They contacted us in April 2016 and needed a consultation on the open tendering procedure. The problem was serious: they need to purchase food, but there were some moments that Boarding`s workers couldn`t solve by themselves. They began to call different law firms, but all of them refused in a free consultation.

We’re not used to leave people in trouble, so we decided to help Boarding under Pro Bono. Of course, the factor of locating near the ATO zone played a role. We made them a plan, assisted in the bidding process, and consequently, thanks to our work, they managed to hold the purchase promptly and effectively.

Help doctors

Our lawyers advise both Kamyshivka neuropsychiatric boarding and several another medical institutions under Pro Bono regularly. The nuances of public tendering and negotiation procedures are the main vector of our work. Most issues are raised about the terms, tender procedures and the “legality” – how to avoid violations.

We are glad that our good deeds come back to us in the form of thanks. We hope that Kamyshivka neuropsychiatric boarding and its pupils will be all right, and we will help them as much as we can.